Being the Answer…

The entire galaxy of doubt that is founded within the human self is based around three core value laden questions;

1. Who am I?

2. Am I good enough?

3. What to do to find the truth in the first two?

  • The firmness of faith stems from these
  • The allure of hope flows from these
  • The pursuit of happiness grows from these
  • The love of life is born from these
  • The idea of identity comes from these
  • The feeling of belonging starts here
  • The notion of loyalty arrives from these
  • The making of self is here
  • The nurturing of acceptance is here
  • The sacrifice of realisation starts here
  • The lens of perception is crafted here
  • The ocean of perspective is filled from these

At your innermost core of self, you know who you are. You know that the true struggle is between what is known as ‘good’ or beneficial and what is known as ‘bad’ or harmful. You know these struggle is inside you because you feel both types of emotion.

The answers will only be real if you find them in you. The answers will only be meaningful is they are sought out and fought for by you. Questions vs. Answers is a game as old as time. Stop playing it. Be bigger than a question and beyond the answer.

Come to the place in the Self where you truly know that …’what you seek is seeking you’.

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