Information Alone

I’m convinced in believing I can’t be alone in this feeling. The one when you ask yourself ‘is it worth commenting on this post?’

There is a reason for this hesitation, a set of emotional drivers at work and an almost sixth sense at the potential result of tapping a few keys on my keyboard or smartphone.

It kind of comes down to a few obvious but seemingly overlooked features of this age…

  • What was once considered newsworthy is now boring (factually correct coverage of an important issue)
  • What was once the acceptable face of information sharing has now become an echo chamber (word of mouth)
  • The weight of the lived experience has been replaced by the hollowness of a digital shared experience that is often not real (selfies)
  • Anything is now considered information or content as long as it lives somewhere in a cache or visible site
  • Society has eroded its moral compass back to the imperialist age yet our technology is way ahead of us (populism and fake news)
  • What was once private (backstage) is now front and centre (front stage) and no one can tell why there was this separation in the first place
  • The front stage now becomes our counsellor, family, friends, enemy and abuser all in one and we can’t tell who is who half the time
  • Technology has turned us into ‘tappers’ who press glass screens without any useful thought process as to why we feel the need
  • We want everything all the time and whenever we want it, regardless of anything else (instant gratification)
  • We think we have thoughts but they are just emotions tricking us, but once posted it’s too late (base instinct acting on our behalf)
  • We have swapped attention seeking for attention living (projectionist lifestyle)

So, with all this mind we need a poetic link between all this horrible stuff and a time old tradition.

What we have is way too much information and way too little wisdom alongside it. To put in today’s language… with all this info we need:

  • Context
  • Source verification
  • Critical thinking
  • Processing skills
  • Reflective thinking
  • A measure of rationality
  • The ability to reason
  • The ability to differ
  • The ability consider a response
  • The bravery not to respond when there is no need

You see, this wisdom thing is not about a long white robe and a staff per say. It’s about learning, understanding and applying beyond your initial gut reaction to what’s being presented to you.

We can summarise by saying it’s not just about thinking before you speak or reply. It’s about thinking if there is a need to speak at all.

#information #fakenews #intelligence

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