Can We Forgive?

It goes without saying that forgiveness is right up there for ‘tough things to accomplish in life’. You believe you are capable of doing it, but when the moment comes it feels like the will is literally being drained from you. Why is this the case and what is the context behind both the reality and meaning of forgiveness?

Maybe some of the following can help…

  • Forgiveness almost compels you dig deep into your self and seek out emotions you’d rather ignore
  • Compulsion always sounds like an undesirable thing so forgiveness starts to sound a little like that too
  • We don’t like the idea of having to concede to anyone really do how can we concede the need to overlook hurt, pain or loss?
  • Forgiveness can feel like we’re conceding and can therefore feel like we are being weak
  • Forgiving someone means we have to find a new object of our derision and that’s not easy
  • Forgiveness offers a personal journey to self acceptance that we refuse to accept we need , so we regard forgiveness as a hindrance to our own wellbeing rather an asset
  • We would prefer to have others to blame rather than face the self and admit we are need of healing
  • Forgiveness means you learn to let go yet we like to hold on , but for what, we don’t actually remember
  • Forgiveness means you trust yourself and that can make some of us uneasy because we like to think of ourselves as ‘edgy’ or ‘unique’

There are so many more, but the point is that by forgiving we give greater meaning to living and that can be the most amazing reward. By Learning do forgive, we are learning to live.

#lifecoaching #forgiveness

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