What words or advice can make a better life for someone?

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To be honest, my fundamental belief on this issue is that only the individual can ultimately make his/her life better for themselves. Words are hollow if not truly meant or backed up by sincere devotion to learning, change or action, regardless of who says them.

A good coach makes you want to be better because you have accepted your own need to want to be better. The coach cannot take your decisions for you or tell you what the right decisions were.

It’s not words that change your life, its perspective change, perception change and often a change in your understanding of purpose.

Facing the ‘self’ and removing the trait of denial is a sure fire way to eventually find a path or route to making your life better.

The advice of another is exactly that, advice. The actions of the individual will always outweigh external advice.

Actions change people and the best actions are those that have been taken as a result of knowing what, why and how the action was needed and having awareness of the outcome you want from the action.

A better life comes with a better approach to it.

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