How to get beyond ’competition’ to the creative sphere?

“First I overcame the pangs of isolation, born in an undesirable body in an unforgiving time. Next I addressed the fire of anger, as a result of rejection and mockery. From here I moved to the plane of denial, where the self met the hoard in a devious stew….

It was at this time I first faced the spectre of oblivion that had seemingly been ordained for one bearing my mark.

However, from this abyss, I manoeuvred into a new slipstream, meant for wanderers and thinkers alike.

Through this current I felt a freedom and a function, a form and fellowship, except this was a fellowship of one.

Within this singular race I ran a different sprint…one made from all the shortcomings that became shortcuts.

In the end, we arrive where we started. It is through rejection that I was forced to look inwards. It is inwards where I found a calling…this calling was telling me something I could already feel. Those who feel…are those who create.”

The ‘value’ placed on Creativity..

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There’s a fine line between ‘value’ and ‘emphasis’.

Value is about ideas related to a return or a cost.

Emphasis is about what we regards as being important or meaningful.

Creativity is a subjective term and an even more subjective action. It is also ‘judged’by others in a society that likes to place ‘values’ on thing as opposed to levels of respect and reverence.

To tackle something creatively means you are using the abilities and skills you posses to come with a unique response to the issue. You are ‘taking your own path’ so to speak and not following the ‘herd’.

The difference between a creative and non-creative approach is a value judgement which is why the term creativity is also value laden.

Creativity is about change and progress and it should be applied wherever possible. This does not mean however, that something that’s not ‘creative’ is not worthy. The outcome would realistically decide that.